Artist Spotlight: Sarah-Dawn Albani, University of California, Berkeley

The Bay Area MFA Show is open through June 15! This exhibition showcases work from the five principal MFA programs in the Bay Area. On the blog, we’re highlighting the participating artists. Sarah-Dawn Albani, a recent graduate from UC Berkeley, is our first Artist Spotlight – stay tuned for more! 

Announcements from the Teacher
Announcements from the Teacher, Found objects, ceramic

” I am a storyteller. Any method of storytelling is ok with me. I will write, sing, make short films, performances, I build installations, draw, etch, paint, and sculpt as needed. My work is defiantly cross genre, unwieldy, and opportunistic. I feel aligned with historic practices of storytelling, and the improvisational nature of my process is alive with its own potential for permutation.

On the Way to Black Bear Ranch, Women's Gathering 2000
On the way to Black Bear Ranch, Women’s Gathering 2000, Watercolor on paper

My current projects stem from an examination of the desires animating my early adulthood as I left the east coast- a young mother, in a school bus, living on the road in the western United States. The unfolding of this narrative has led me to research in the nature of utopian thinking in California, cults, authoritarian and charismatic leadership, and the power of apocalyptic fantasies. Of primary concern is the nature of belief and how and why we make meaning in our lives.

Pleiadian Star Baby 1998
Pleiadian Star Baby 1998, watercolor on paper

The relationship between the storyteller and the cultural myths our meaning is grounded in- is the place where my current work unfolds.”

Remember with us, remember
Remember with us, Remember, Alabaster, ceramic


IG: @worldwidewitches

The Bay Area MFA Show is open through June 15, 2018

Doug Adams Gallery, 2465 LeConte Ave. Berkeley, CA 94709

Gallery hours: Monday – Friday | 10am – 4pm, Saturday | 10am – 1pm