Artist Spotlight: Hannah Perrine Mode, Mills College

The Bay Area MFA Show closes today, Friday June 15! This exhibition showcases work from the five principal MFA programs in the Bay Area. On the blog, we’re highlighting the participating artists. Hannah Perrine Mode, a recent graduate from Mills College, is the fifth and final artist to be featured.

“Working across mediums, and often drawing upon scientific research, I use the Earth as both material and subject for storytelling. I make objects and installations that incorporate time-based processes and transformative materials, tapping into their aesthetic qualities as well as their utility – the sensitivity of cyanotype, the ephemerality of ice, the malleability of clay. Artworks become proxies to document the passage of time, personal experience, and human interaction with our environment.


I seek ways to bring the vastness of geologic time to an intimate human scale, and explore how to make space for vulnerability and empathy within that context. I write love letters to glaciers, create and tend to systems of melt and erosion, trace my body along fault lines. Whether performed socially or in solitude, these gestures are exercises in hope and (sometimes) futility – reimagining the way we care for each other and our planet, to foster new visions for the future.”


IG: @hannahpmode

The Bay Area MFA Show is open through June 15, 2018

Doug Adams Gallery, 2465 LeConte Ave. Berkeley, CA 94709

Gallery hours: Monday – Friday | 10am – 4pm, Saturday | 10am – 1pm